Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Promotional Products for the Summer

Summer in the Okanagan; “The Heat is ON”. The summer conjures up lots of things for me, vacations, camping trips, boating, biking, barbeques, swimming in Okanagan Lake and spending quality time with my “new” Granddaughter. (Her Mom and Dad too). Summer should be all about long days in the sun and short days in the office. Golfing also comes to mind. The last thing we want to think about is work…..unfortunately, the vast majority of has still have to!

How do we make the most of the summer when it comes to an effective Promotional Product to give away at the next picnic, a trade show or meeting? Remember although the season has changed the game has not. Don’t fight the summer, use the season to your promotional advantage.

Give Promotional Products your clients and prospects will use. We all want to beat the heat in the Okanagan so why not give logoed lip bam or sun tan lotion or screen, fans or the all around baseball cap is always popular. By giving your clients an item that protects them from the sun or keeps them cool on a hot day is remembered while they are out on the water or golf course.

It doesn’t pay to give away the usual items that we give the rest of the year planners and desk accessories may not work for you at this time of year, save these for late September or October. Try to keep it fun and light, this is the time of year golf balls, golf apparel and almost anything related to golf are welcomed.
Remembering that at this time of year people just want to stay cool and have fun and giving the right Promotional item will help you “Brand” yourself at this time of year and help you stay remembered.
Please feel free to call me to discuss different promotiional ideas for your business.

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  1. These days Promotional Products are the best way to advertise and promote companies.


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