Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Corporate gift giving In Kelowna and the Okanagan

Are you planning on giving customers or staff a thank-you gift? Are you asking these questions, “what should we get, how much should we spend and what do we give”? When done correctly you are showing your clients that you really value their business, also as a staff gift they are a wonderful moral booster.

It is common to see corporate gifts handed out around Christmas or special occasions, but this doesn’t have to be the only time you give corporate gifts. Giving clients a gift as thanks for their loyalty and continued support is always appreciated. Also, you can create an employee incentive program to help increase sale.

You should also decide who gets what gift. Customers should not necessarily receive the same gift as you would give to an employee. If you are giving clothing try to give at least a different colour or style to differentiate the two. It’s also a bad idea to give too personal a gift as you may offend someone.

Be careful as to what you purchase, don’t make it too expensive or trendy because are you going to have to top it next year!

It’s also a good idea not to wait until the last minute, you can get into so much trouble if items are out of stock or out of a colour or size, remember most items take two to three weeks so its best to try to avoid last minute decisions. Planning ahead will give you peace of mind and your corporate gift will be appreciated by everyone.

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