Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How do we create a Client Base?

Management guru Peter Drucker once observed that “the purpose of a business is to create a customer.” Did you notice that he didn’t say the purpose is to create a sale, or close a deal, he said “create a customer”.

I think, he is saying that a sale is a one off, but a customer (or client) is someone who will by or deal with us over and over again. When we create clients, rather than just sales, our whole approach changes. Everything we say should build value, customer satisfaction and customer service after the sale will become paramount, and the entire experience becomes so much more memorable for the clients we create.

How much time do you spend creating new clients? Most business people will say “not enough”. Yet creating new clients is what we live on.

What type of client do you create? Are you creating big money, high margin clients who understand the value you provide? Or are you creating poor quality, rush job clients who want cheap, cheap, cheap? These questions will help you determine success or failure.

Good clients help you build a successful business!

We work with large to mid size business throughout the Okanagan Valley specifically those clients who want to market effectively, increase brand awareness and promote their business.

What our clients have found is that by utilizing Promotional Products we can increase brand awareness in a very cost effective way.

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